Amazon LG Air Conditioners Quiz Answers and Win ₹20,000

Amazon LG Air Conditioners Quiz Answers

Amazon Funzone’s new quiz is the LG Air Conditioners on the Amazon app to promote the newest LG Air Conditioners. LG launched some new air conditioner models in 2024. These new units work with the latest technology such as AI Convertible 6-in-1 Cooling, artcool, DUAL Inverter Compressor, 4 Way Swing, auto-clean function, and more features. All questions also relate to the air conditioners, for example, “New features added by LG in 2024 models.”

The LG Air Conditioners quiz starts on 24th April 2024 and will end on 23rd May 2024. The selected five winners will have a chance to win ₹20,000 as an Amazon pay balance under this LG quiz. The balance will be credited to your Amazon app account before 31st May 2024. So check the questions of the LG air conditioners quiz carefully and answer correctly.

Amazon LG Air Conditioners Context Quick Answers

  • Answer 1. All of the above (d)
  • Answer 2: 81% (c)
  • Answer 3. Energy Manager (b)
  • Answer 4. Artcool (a)
  • Answer 5: 99.00% (c)

Amazon LG Air Conditioners Quiz: All Questions and Answers

Here you can see the LG Air Conditioners quiz answers:

Question 1: New features added by LG in 2024 models


  • A. Energy Manager
  • B. Diet Mode
  • C. HimClean
  • D. All of the above

Correct Answer: All of the above (d)

Question 2: How much Power consumption can be saved in Diet mode?


  • A. 75%
  • B. 79%
  • C. 81%
  • D. 85%

Correct Answer: 81% (c)

Question 3: In which Feature of LG Customer set Electricity consumption as per requirement?


  • A. AI+
  • B. Energy Manager
  • C. Diet Mode
  • D. AI 6 in 1

Correct Answer:  Energy Manager (b)

Question 4: What is the name given to the model newly launched by LG in Black Color?


  • A. Artcool
  • B. Supercool
  • C. Ultracool
  • D. Summercool

Correct Answer:  Artcool (a)

Question 5: “HimClean” function helps to remove how much % of residual bacteria & Germs?


  • A. 90.90%
  • B. 95.00%
  • C. 99.00%
  • D. 99.99%

Correct Answer:  99.00% (c)

If your score is 5/5, you have entered the LG Air Conditioners question-and-answer contest. Let’s wait and check this contest winner’s list on 24th May 2024.

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