Amazon HP Quiz Answers and Win ₹10,000

Amazon HP Quiz Answers

Amazon Funzone brings the HP quiz on the Amazon app to promote the latest HP laptops like OMEN. HP designs and builds stronger, fastest, durable, and high-end performing laptops and computers. Its laptops are world-famous and used by home and business owners. All questions also relate to the HP computers, for example, “HP AI laptops come with an in-built”

HP quiz starts on 30th April 2024 and will end on 8th May 2024. The selected 10 winners will get a chance to win ₹10,000 as an Amazon pay balance under this contest. The balance will be credited to your Amazon app account before 19th May 2024. So check the questions of the HP quiz carefully and answer correctly.

Amazon HP Context Quick Answers

  • Answer 1. All of the above (d)
  • Answer 2: 10 Tops (d)
  • Answer 3. 49% (d)
  • Answer 4. Omen Tempest cooling technology (a)
  • Answer 5: Paint (d)

Amazon HP Quiz: All Questions and Answers

Here you can see the HP quiz answers:

Question 1: HP AI laptops come with an in-built


  • A. AI engine (neural processing unit)
  • B. AI camera
  • C. AI safety
  • D. All of the above

Correct Answer: All of the above (d)

Question 2: What is the processing speed of HP’s AI laptop? (TOPS= trillion operations per second)


  • A. 3 Tops
  • B. 5 Tops
  • C. 7 Tops
  • D. 10 Tops

Correct Answer: 10 Tops (d)

Question 3: How much faster is the HP AI laptop in editing photos and videos, compared to a non-AI laptop?


  • A. 25%
  • B. 31%
  • C. 41%
  • D. 49%

Correct Answer: 49% (d)

Question 4: What is the name of cooling technology in OMEN gaming laptops


  • A. Omen Tempest cooling technology
  • B. OMEN air
  • C. Omen ice cool
  • D. Omen thermal flow

Correct Answer:  Omen Tempest cooling technology (a)

Question 5: Which of the below is not a feature of the OMEN Gaming hub


  • A. Light studio
  • B. Optimizer
  • C. Graphics switcher
  • D. Paint

Correct Answer:  Paint (d)

If your score is 5/5, you have entered the HP question-and-answer contest. Now wait for 10 days, and check the winner’s list on 9th May 2024.

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