Amazon Lakme Great Summer Sale Quiz Answers and Get ₹20 Back

Amazon-Lakme-Great-Summer-Sale quiz

Amazon Lakme Great Summer Sale quiz is live on the Amazon app and mobile website. Lakme contest is about the Lakme facewash, face cream, body lotions, sunscreens, moisturizer, and beauty products. All questions of the Great Summer Sale contest are related to the Lakme beauty products; for example, “Which is the best light hydrated moisturiser in ponds?”.

The Amazon Lakme Great Summer Sale quiz starts on 2nd May 2024 from midnight to 7th May 2024 at 11.59 pm. The selected 1,00,000 winners under this draw will get ₹20 coupons on a minimum purchase of ₹1. The cashback will be credited to your Amazon app account before 31st May 2024.

Amazon Lakme Great Summer Sale Context Quick Answers

  • Answer 1: Ponds Superlight Gel (D)
  • Answer 2: Lakme Perfect Radiance Serum (B)
  • Answer 3: Lakme hyaluronic sunscreen (C)
  • Answer 4: Lakme Lumi (A)
  • Answer 5: Lakme blush and glow strawberry facewash (D)

Amazon Lakme Great Summer Sale Quiz: All Questions and Answers

Here you can see the Lakme Great Summer Sale quiz answers:

Question 1: Which is the best light-hydrated moisturiser in Ponds?


  • A. Ponds Light Moisturizer
  • B. Ponds Pure Detox FW
  • Ponds Hydra Light FW
  • Ponds Superlight Gel

Correct Answer: Ponds Superlight Gel(D)

Question 2: Tell us your favourite brightening serum in Lakme


  • A. Lakme Lumi Smooth AHA serum
  • B. Lakme Perfect Radiance Serum
  • C. Lakme Absolute Youth Infinity serum
  • D. Lakme Glycolic Illuminate serum

Correct Answer: Lakme Perfect Radiance Serum (B)

Question 3: Which is the new Lakme Sunscreen with Hyaluronic acid?


  • A. Lakme sun expert primer+sunscreen
  • B. Lakme sun expert niacinamide sunscreen
  • Lakme hyaluronic sunscreen
  • Lakme Sun expert tinted sunscreen

Correct Answer: Lakme hyaluronic sunscreen (C)

Question 4: Which is our one best-selling go-to moisturiser with highlighter in Lakme?


  • A. Lakme Lumi
  • B. Lakme peach milk moisturizer
  • C. Lakme lip tins
  • D. Lakme micellar facewash

Correct Answer: Lakme Lumi (A)

Question 5: Which among the three is your favourite Lakme fruit facewash? Lemon/Kiwi/Strawberry?


  • A. Lakme blush and glow kiwi facewash
  • B. Lakme blush and glow lemon facewash
  • C. Lakme blush and glow papaya extract facewash
  • D. Lakme blush and glow strawberry facewash

Correct Answer:  Lakme blush and glow strawberry facewash (D)

If your score is 5/5, you have won a Lakme coupon. Now claim your prize and collect the coupon which is valid till 8th May 2024.

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