Amazon Gillette Lab Quiz Answers and Win ₹5000

Amazon Gillette Lab Quiz Answers

Amazon Gillette Lab Quiz is a fun and easy way to win exciting prizes. All you have to do is watch a short video about Gillette’s new razor and answer five simple questions. You can get a chance to win ₹5000 Amazon Pay balance or other rewards. Don’t miss this opportunity and participate now! Match all five questions, for example, ‘What is the one feature that you remember from the ad?’ and click on the correct answer to enter the Amazon lucky draw. Play Now!

So if you are looking for the Gillette Lab quiz questions and answers? Here is the answer to all five questions of the Gillette Lab and their answer. You will have to open the Gillette Lab quiz in the Amazon app on your mobile phone device, watch the video, scroll down, and click on a start banner – to win a worth rs. ₹5,000 banner.

The Gillette Lab contest starts on 18th January 2024 and will end on 10th February 2024.  40 selected winners will get a prize of Rs 5,000 as Amazon pay balance.

Amazon Gillette Lab Quiz Answers to Win ₹5000

Here you can see the Gillette Lab quiz answers:

Quick answers:

  • Answer 1.  Flex Disc Technology (C)
  • Answer 2. Gillette Labs (B)
  • Answer 3. Magnetic stand (A)
  • Answer 4. Shaving made sensational (C)
  • Answer 5. Turns seamlessly to give you comfort like never before (A)

Amazon Gillette Lab All Question and Answers

Gillette Lab quiz answers with questions:

Question 1: What is the one feature that you remember from the ad?

Answer: Flex Disc Technology (C)

Question 2. Which brand was mentioned in the video?

Answer: Gillette Labs (B)

Question 3. What are you getting free with the razor?

Answer: Magnetic stand (A)

Question 4. What is the tagline of the ad?

Answer: Shaving made sensational (C)

Question 5. How does the razor elevate your shaving experience?

Answer: Turns seamlessly to give you comfort like never before (A)

Well, now you have entered the quiz!

You have entered the Gillette Lab quiz because your score is 5/5 and check the winners on 11th February 2024.

Good Luck! #GilletteLab #GilletteLabQuiz #AmazonQuiz

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