Amazon Go Kratos Spin and Win Answer Quiz


The Amazon Go Kratos spin and win quiz is a contest where you can win prizes by spinning a wheel and answering a question correctly such as ‘What is Kratos stands for?’. Gokratos is a shopping website for mobile accessories such as power banks, smart watches, USB data cables, and other products.

Are you searching for the Amazon Go Kratos quiz answers? Here is the one correct answer out of two options. You will need to open the Go Kratos quiz in the Amazon app on your smartphone, find it in the Funzone section, scroll down, and click on the Go Kratos quiz banner.

The Go Kratos contest starts on 9th April 2024 and will end on 10th May 2024.

Amazon Go Kratos Quiz Question and Answer

Now tap on spin and win wheel:

  • Rs. 40,000
  • Rs. 60,000
  • Rs. 10,000,00
  • Better luck next time!

Spin Now!

Let’s see the option where it will stop.

Question 1: What is Kratos stands for?

Tap on the correct answer to enter the lucky draw:


  • Mobile Accessories
  • Power and strength
  • Smart watches
  • Power bank

The Correct Answer is:  Power and strength (B)

You need to click on the correct answer to enter the Amazon lucky draw. Match the correct answer out of the four options.


Now, you have entered the Funzone Go Kratos. You can win prizes according to your entry in the following 3 categories.

  • 1st – Rs. 10,000
  • 2nd – Rs. 60,000
  • 3rd – Rs. 10,000,00

Amazon will declare the Go Kratos winner on 12th May 2024.

Best wishes! #SpinandWin #GoKratos #Funzone

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