Amazon truke Buds Q1 Lite Quiz Answer and Win Rs. 10,000

Amazon truke Buds Q1 Lite Quiz

Amazon has hosted the truke Buds Q1 Lite Funzone quiz on the Amazon app and mobile site to promote these buds. Truke Buds Q1 Lite is True Wireless Earbuds that launched on 4 April 2024 with 48H playtime, crystal-clear calls, noise cancellation, elegant royal design, fast charging, Bluetooth 5.4, multi-colors, and gaming Mode. All questions regarding the truke Buds Q1 Lite.  You will have a chance to get a ₹10,000 Amazon Pay balance, which you can use to buy products, recharge, and more.

So, are you searching for Truke Buds Q1 Lite contest answers? Here are the answers to all six questions from Truke Buds Q1 Lite. You will need to open the Amazon app on your mobile phone, search for the Funzone section, scroll down, and click on the Truke Buds Q1 Lite quiz banner. Match all six questions, for example, ‘truke Buds Q1 Lite supports?, and click on the correct answer to enter the Amazon lucky draw.

This contest starts on April 16, 2024, and will end on April 17, 2024. The selected 10 participants will win ₹10,000. The balance will be credited to your account before 17th April 2024.

Amazon Truke Buds Q1 Lite Quiz Answers and Win

Quick answers:

  • Answer 1. Quad Mic Adv. ENC (b)
  • Answer 2: 48* Hours (c)
  • Answer 3. 40ms (d)
  • Answer 4. All three 3 colors (d)
  • Answer 5: German (a)
  • Answer 6: 12.4mm Titanium Driver (b)

Amazon Truke Buds Q1 Lite Quiz: All Questions and Answers

Here you can see the Amazon Truke Buds Q1 Lite quiz answers:

Question 1: truke Buds Q1 Lite supports?


  • A. Single Mic Adv. ENC
  • B. Quad Mic Adv. ENC
  • C. Dual Mic Adv. ENC
  • D. No Mics

Correct Answer: Quad Mic Adv. ENC (b)

Question 2: How much playtime do truke buds Q1 lite earbuds come with?


  • A. 24* Hours
  • B. 12* Hours
  • C. 48* Hours
  • D. 36* Hours

Correct Answer: 48* Hours (c)

Question 3: What is the low latency for Buds Q1 Lite in Gaming Mode?


  • A. 100ms
  • B. 80ms
  • C. 60ms
  • D. 40ms

Correct Answer: 40ms (d)

Question 4: Truke Buds Q1 Lite is available in which colors?


  • A. Champagne Gold
  • B. Metal Black
  • C. Rose Red
  • D. All the 3 colors

Correct Answer: All the 3 colors (d)

Question 5: Truke is a ____ brand?


  • A. German
  • B. Chinese
  • C. African
  • D. Srilankan

Correct Answer: German (a)

Question 6: What is the driver size for Truke Buds Q1 Lite?


  • A. 6mm Titanium Driver
  • B. 12.4mm Titanium Driver
  • C. 11mm Titanium Driver
  • D. 9mm Titanium Driver

Correct Answer: 12.4mm Titanium Driver (b)

If your score is 6/6, you have entered Truke Buds Q1 Lite. Now wait, and check the winners list on May 17, 2024. Amazon will also send you an SMS and email if you win this quiz and Rs. 10,000.

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