Amazon Tecno Smartphone Quiz Answers and win ₹5000

Amazon Tecno Smartphone Quiz Answers

Amazon has hosted Tecno Smartphone on the Amazon app to promote their new mobile phones. The Tecno Camon 20 and Pova smartphones come with several specs and features. Tecno smartphones have the thinnest battery, mini LEDs, a 120 Hz display, Dolby Atmos, and a MediaTek processor. All questions are also related to the Tecno smartphone; for example, “How extensive is the service center network for Tecno?

The Tecno Smartphone quiz starts on 1st May 2024 and will end on 30th May 2024. The selected 20 winners will have a chance to win ₹5,000 as an Amazon Pay balance under this Tecno mobile phone quiz. The balance will be credited to your Amazon app account before 7th June 2024. So check the questions in the Tecno Smartphone quiz and answer correctly.

Amazon Tecno Smartphone Context Quick Answers

  • Answer 1: 1300+ (A)
  • Answer 2: 100M+ (A)
  • Answer 3: 7.88mm (D)
  • Answer 4: 210 mini LEDs (D)
  • Answer 5: Dolby Atmos (C)

Amazon Tecno Smartphone Quiz: All Questions and Answers

Here you can see the Tecno mobile phone quiz answers:

Question 1: How extensive is the service center network for Tecno?


  • A. 1300+
  • B. 800+
  • C. 500+
  • D. 250+

Correct Answer: 1300+ (A)

Question 2: What is the size of Tecno’s global customer family?


  • A. 100M+
  • B. 50M+
  • C. 30M+
  • D. 10M+

Correct Answer: 100M+ (A)

Question 3: What is the thickness of the Tecno Pova 6, known for having India’s thinnest 6000 mAh battery?


  • A. 9.2mm
  • B. 8.9mm
  • C. 7.67mm
  • D. 7.88mm

Correct Answer: 7.88mm (D)

Question 4: How many mini-LEDs are incorporated into the Tecno Pova 6’s ARC interface?


  • A. 100 Mini LEDs
  • B. 150 Mini LEDs
  • C. 200 Mini LEDs
  • D. 210 Mini LEDs

Correct Answer: 210 Mini LEDs (D)

Question 5: What advanced audio technology does the Tecno Pova 6 feature, making it Tecno’s first smartphone to offer an immersive sound experience?


  • A. Hi-Fi Audio
  • B. DTS: X Surround Sound
  • C. Dolby Atmos
  • D. Sony Dynamic Digital Sound

Correct Answer: Dolby Atmos (C)

If your score is 5/5, you have entered the Tecno Pova Smartphone question-and-answer lucky quiz. Please explore this quiz winner’s list on 31st May 2024.

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