Amazon Movie Quiz Answers (Jan. 2024) and Win Rs. 20000

Amazon Movie Quiz Answers (Jan. 2024) and Win Rs. 20000

If you are a movie buff and want to test your knowledge, you can participate in the Amazon Movie Quiz and get a chance to win Rs. 20,000 in your Amazon Pay balance.

So are you looking for Movie quiz questions and answers? Here is the answer to all five questions of the Movie Quiz and their answer. You just need to open the Amazon app on your mobile phone device, search for the Funzone section, scroll down, click on the Movie quiz, and win a rs. ₹20,000 banner, you will be in the Movie Quiz section now. Match all five questions, for example, ‘Where were The Lord of the Rings movies filmed?’ and click on the correct answer to enter the Amazon lucky draw to win a ₹20,000 Amazon pay balance.

Amazon Movie Quiz Answers and Win ₹20,000

Here you can see Movie quiz answers:

Quick answers:

  • Answer 1. New Zealand (C)
  • Answer 2. Africa (C)
  • Answer 3. 1 (B)
  • Answer 4. Daniel Radcliffe (D)
  • Answer 5. 1913 (B)

Amazon Movie Quiz All Question and Answers

This contest starts on 24th January 2024 and will end on 6th February 2024. The selected winner will win a prize of Rs 20,000, in the form of an Amazon Pay balance. Play Now!

Question 1: Where were The Lord of the Rings movies filmed?

Answer 1. New Zealand (C)

Question 2. In Mean Girls, Cady moves to Illinois from which continent?

Answer 2. Africa (C)

Question 3. How many Oscars has Halle Berry won?

Answer 3. 1 (B)

Question 4. Who played the character of Harry Potter in the movie?

Answer 4. Daniel Radcliffe (D)

Question 5. When was the first full-length Indian feature film released?

Answer 5. 1913 (B)

Well Done!

If you score 5/5. You will have a chance to win this quiz. You entered to Movie and checked the winners on 7th February 2024.

Good Luck! #Moviequiz #AmazonMoviequiz #AmazonQuiz

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