Amazon Funzone Daily Runs Quiz Answers Today

Funzone Daily Runs Quiz Answers

Amazon Funzone hosted the Daily FZ Runs quiz on the Amazon app and mobile site. This contest starts at midnight on May 09, 2024, and will end at 11:59 p.m. on May 09, 2024. The selected 1,000,000 winners will have a chance to win 20 fz coins. The balance will be credited to your Amazon app account before 10th May 2024. So check all questions of the Daily Runs contest carefully and answer correctly to win 20 runs.

Today, context questions are related to science and space. For example, ‘Which bird is known for its ability to mimic human speech?’ A total of five questions are asked. Following you can check the correct answer to the Funzone runs quiz. Contest URL:

Amazon Daily Runs Context Quick Answers

  • Answer 1.  Parrot (a)
  • Answer 2: 270 degrees (d)
  • Answer 3. A Peahen (c)
  • Answer 4. Bee Hummingbird (a)
  • Answer 5: Cheetah (a)

Amazon Daily Runs Quiz: All Questions and Answers

Amazon Daily quiz section for answering quiz that’s questions is updated daily. So choose the Amazon daily quiz at the bottom and tap to correct the answer by matching each Amazon daily quiz. There will be five questions and you will have to give the correct answer to each question. All the winners are announced the next day.

Question 1: Which bird is known for its ability to mimic human speech?


  • A. Parrot
  • B. Hen
  • C. Cow
  • D. Pigeon

Correct Answer:  Parrot (a)

Question 2: How far round can an owl rotate its neck?


  • A. 10 degrees
  • B. 50 degrees
  • C. 90 degrees
  • D. 270 degrees

Correct Answer: 270 degrees (c)

Question 3: What’s a female peacock called?


  • A. A Pealie
  • B. A Peaelle
  • C. A Peahen
  • D. A Peamare

Correct Answer: A Peahen (c)

Question 4: The lightest bird in the world weighs only 1.6 grams – that’s less than a penny! Which bird is it?


  • A. Bee Hummingbird
  • B. Woodpecker
  • C. Night parrot
  • D. Owl

Correct Answer:  Bee Hummingbird (a)

Question 5: Birds are related to dinosaurs. True or false?


  • True
  • Tiger

Correct Answer: True (a)

If your score is 5/5, you have entered Daily Runs. Now claim your reward which will be credited to your account instantly or within 24 hours.

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