Amazon Fun Trivia Quiz Answers and Win ₹25,000

Amazon Fun Trivia Quiz Answer

Are you looking for Fun Trivia Quiz questions and answers? Here is the answer to all five questions of the Fun Trivia Quiz and their answer. You just need to open the Amazon app on your mobile phone device, search for the Funzone section, scroll down, click on the Fun Trivia Quiz, and win a rs. ₹25,000 banner, you will be in the Fun Trivia Quiz section now. Match all 5 questions, for example, ‘How many hearts does an octopus have?‘ and click on the correct answer to enter the Amazon lucky draw to win a ₹25,000 Amazon pay balance.

Amazon Fun Trivia Quiz Answers and Win ₹25,000

Here you can see Fun Trivia quiz answers:

Quick answers:

  • Answer 1. 3
  • Answer 2. Fear of dogs
  • Answer 3.  Solid
  • Answer 4.  House Stark
  • Answer 5.  Horse

Amazon Fun Trivia Quiz All Question and Answers

This contest starts on 15th December 2023 and will end on 28th December 2023. The selected winners will win a prize of Rs 25,000, in the form of an Amazon Pay balance. Play Now!

Question 1: How many hearts does an octopus have?

Answer 1.  3

Question 2. What is “Cynophobia”?

Answer 2. Fear of dogs

Question 3. In what type of matter are atoms most tightly packed?

Answer 3. Solid

Question 4. Which Disney Princess talks to the Seven Dwarfs?

Answer 4.  Snow White

Question 5. Which animal can be seen on the Porsche logo?

Answer 5. Horse

Well Done!

If you score 5/5. You will have a chance to win this quiz. You have entered to Fun Trivia Quiz and check the winners on 29th December, 2023.

Test your knowledge and win big with the Amazon Fun Trivia Quiz. Answer 5 questions on various topics and get a chance to win Rs. 25000 Amazon Pay balance. Hurry, the offer ends soon!

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