Amazon Fun Trivia Funzone Quiz Answers (₹20,000)

Amazon Fun Trivia Quiz Answers

Here are the questions and answers to the Amazon Fun Trivia Quiz. Open the Funzone section on the Amazon mobile app on your smartphone and click on the Quiz Answer and Win banner. You can win a rs. 20,000 Amazon pay balance by answering all five questions correctly. Match all 5 questions like ‘What is the smallest prime number?’ and click on the right answer correctly to ₹20,000.

Amazon Fun Trivia Quiz Quick Answers

  • Answer 1. 2
  • Answer 2. Sherlock Holmes
  • Answer 3. Paris
  • Answer 4. Skin
  • Answer 5. The Lion King

Amazon Fun Trivia Quiz Question and Answers

This contest started on 17th November 2023 and will end on the same date. You just need to claim your points after giving all questions answers correctly. Play Now!

Question 1: What is the smallest prime number?

Answer 1. 2

Question 2. Which famous detective lives at 221B Baker Street?

Answer 2. Sherlock Holmes

Question 3. What is the capital of France

Answer 3. Paris

Question 4. What is the largest organ in the human body?

Answer 4. Skin

Question 5. Which animated movie features a character named Simba?

Answer 5. The Lion King

Now you have entered to ₹20,000 Amazon pay balance quiz and winners will be announced on 1st Dec, 2023.

Good Luck! #AmazonFunTraviaQuiz

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